Welcome to the future of home energy. The freewatt system is one of the most advanced, efficient home energy solutions available. To generate heat and electricity for your home, advanced technological solutions have been developed and employed.

This technology has been recognized by Popular Mechanics in 2006 when freewatt was the recipient of Breakthrough Award. In 2007 PATH named Micro-CHP technology as a Top Ten technology. Additionally, the EPA has named freewatt as one of their Climate Choice Products.

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The freewatt system operates with a 95% AFUE furnace or boiler and the engine/generator provides an overall heat and power efficiency of 83-90%, helping to lower your energy costs. The electric power produced by the freewatt system will displace electric power generated by inefficient central power plants, thereby conserving our natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. The freewatt system breaks through the energy efficiency barriers of all conventional home heating systems

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The MCHP unit, produced by the Honda Motor Company, uses an internal combustion engine to produce both heat and electric power. This unit is an incredibly quiet (only 47 dBA at 1 meter) long life small engine-generator that has already been installed in over 50,000 homes in Japan. The engine runs on clean natural gas (propane available in April 2009) and can be located in a basement or utility room. This engine produces 1,200 watts of electric power and about 12,000 BTUs per hour of heat for the home.

In addition to being quiet and efficient at generating electric power, the MCHP also has very low pollutant emissions. The engine exhaust passes through a catalytic converter that cleans and cools the combustion products. The low temperature flue gas exhaust from the MCHP can be vented outdoors through inexpensive PVC piping.

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Before the power from any generator is connected to the grid the electric power quality must meet certain standards. The MCHP uses advanced Honda solid-state inverter technology to automatically insure that the output power supplied to the home and to the electric grid is noise free, is the proper voltage and is synchronized with the AC power of the grid. In the event of a power failure the inverter immediately detects this upset condition and stops delivering power to the grid. This safety feature protects the grid equipment and service personnel.

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