Hi-Velocity Systems continue to be the most versatile air system on the market today. Ease of installation in almost any application, as well as being able to use water from any source, combines to offer maximum flexibility.
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For applications where every cubic foot of area is critical, the Hi-Velocity Systems is the solution to your heating and cooling needs. Being able to run duct work into places where no standard duct work would fit, allows heating, cooling, and ventilation to be installed in applications where the only other choice would be floor heating or baseboards without cooling or ventilation.

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Hi-Velocity Systems also provides versatility in residential construction. The small diameter ducts can be installed easily into new homes with minimal effort while saving big space saving.

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The Hi-Velocity Systems easily adapts to existing structures for Retro-fit projects. The small diameter ducts easily fit through walls and floors for quick installs in existing homes.

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